Christmas Lunch at Kent House

Christmas feast at Kent House

Christmas feast at Kent House, the resdients all eagerly await the fun and festivities just around the corner.

Kent House Heros

Kent House Angels!

When times are challenging, there’s nothing quite like a Charlie’s Angels impression to cheer you up! The lovely care team at Kent House in Okehampton doing a fine job!! Loving the hats, ladies!

Kent House Okehampton - Kent Angels

Kent House - Dartmoor Picnic

A Trip out in The Wanderer

A few of the staff and residents at Kent House in Okehampton took a picnic up onto Dartmoor this week in the wanderer, to enjoy the sunshine and some fresh air. I think they all thoroughly appreciated a change of scenery after weeks of lockdown!

Kent House - Clapping for Carers

Clapping for Carers

As the care team at Kent House in Okehampton took residents outside last night to clap for the NHS, passers by stopped, to clap for our carers! That meant a lot.

Kent House - Bunting

Beautiful Bunting

Primary School children in Okehampton have made this super bunting to hang up in Kent House, to bring comfort and positivity to our residents. ‘Be brave – you can do this.’ So lovely!

Kent House - Flowers given

So thoughtful….

Beautiful roses left for the residents at Kent House by a passer-by, walking her dog. Thank you – it means so much x

Kent House - Plant donated from Waitrose

Acts of Kindness in Challenging Times

Kent House Manager, Julie popped to Waitrose at the weekend to buy some treats for her residents. When the store manager spotted her bulk buying she was quizzed, so explained she was from a local care home. With that, the lovely lady from Waitrose rushed off to find some beautiful plants to cheer up the residents who were missing visits from loved ones. Thank you Waitrose – you made us all smile!

Kent House

Kent House – another ‘Good’ Stonehaven home

We’re so proud of our Kent House team for achieving ‘Good’ ratings in all key lines of enquiry, following an unannounced CQC inspection in January.

Kent House - Firework night

Hot Dogs & Sparklers!

Staff and residents at Kent House celebrated Bonfire Night this year with Hot Dogs and Sparklers, while enjoying the fireworks in the skies above Okehampton.

Kent House - Babies

Tots Play babies visit Kent House for special residents’ session

On Thursday 26th September, mums and babies from Tots Play Okehampton, Tavistock & Crediton visited Kent House Care home in Okehampton to take part in a very special inter-generational session organised by the business owner, Sarah Cole.

Cole runs Tots Play classes for babies and toddlers in Okehampton, Tavistock and Crediton which feature a mix of activities including baby yoga, baby signing, sensory play, music and instruments, movement activities and lots more. Cole organised the session at Kent House to give the residents the opportunity to spend time with and interact with the babies and their mums, and get involved in the wide range of activities too.

“My grandmother has dementia and lives in a nursing home, and I’ve seen how she transforms when she’s around my two year old son. From when he was a baby , she would light up when she saw him and always remembered who he was, though she struggles a lot with her memory now. The range of activities we offer is perfect for engaging with both younger and older age groups, so I thought it would be a lovely idea to get them together to have some fun.” says Cole.

The session was a huge success, with many residents who were previously apprehensive enjoying getting involved with watching the babies, playing instruments, singing and much more.

Cole said: “It was such a great atmosphere – all of the residents smiled the whole way through the session and were so animated when talking to the babies and their mums. It was genuinely heart-warming to see.”