To Care the Most

Stonehaven Care Group was formed during 1998 to provide care services from awareness that compassion needs strength. Our company champions its individual people in their shared pursuit of the above mission.

To successfully progress our mission, we apply five values…

Give Service & Quality

We are fairly judged by the quality of our work (and quantity). Let’s judge ourselves that same way and give a model care service that others want to copy. Why settle for less than can be achieved? Our quality-check is our satisfied customers.

Build Equal Relationships

Relationships need to be continuously worked at… Be open-minded… Always think ahead and NEVER back. Accept all viewpoints as worthy of notice and all ideas as deserved of consideration towards improvements… no idea is too silly to check out. As Prince Harry has said the Queen Mother once passed on to him, “If you find somebody boring the fault lies with you”. Everyone has own unique experiences.

Compete & Win with Teamwork

Helping the self-help of others is one way of describing ‘Teamwork’… another is ‘Two minds are always better than one’. Entreprenueral attitudes and teamwork are bound to be good for doing good care. Teamwork rewards.

Use all Strength

Look to our own improving strengths, rather than relying on others. Be; fair, ethical, efficient, competitive, realistically profitable and durable. Act with due social conduct and integrity. Let it be seen how we can help to ‘do good’. We are a ‘social business’.

Be Steady and Ready

No human activity can last long without reserves of funds for its own stability, i.e. ‘Savings’. Savings can only result from being profitable and are necessary for repelling risk of failure and for achieving improvements and progress of the mission. Seek competitively-created savings (i.e. profitable growth) and the ability to offer a realistic reward to our investors, as essential, true-to-the-mission, success objectives.

Our mission and values need objectives to be regularly identified and need true belief in the pursuit of these objectives

Vision Statement

Our VISION is to achieve, through a care for the best of your life philosophy, the reputation as the strongest care home group in Devon & Cornwall at care support for frail older-persons. ‘The strongest’ will be a measurable VISION: through local professional consultation; and by reputation & recommendation growing the number of service users choosing our services by at least double within 5 years.

We believe our VISION STATEMENT’s success will mainly come from relentlessly abiding to these

7 Rules


Improve Lives

“Always Seeking & Seeking All Ways”


Treat Others as they would like to be treated

“Respect Other’s Life Experiences and Human Rights”


Act Fairly towards All

“Nobody deserves Unfair”


Proudly Engage in Your Team’s Efforts

“Lean towards Team”


Search Out Knowledge & Listen

“Knowledge speaks, Wisdom listens”


Quickly Rectify Errors

“Let Openness and Honesty Prevail”


Have Respect for the Environment

“Reaping the Benefits with Everyone”

A thought… Passion is a powerfully useful virtue when directed at own worthy endeavours