At Stonehaven Care Group we collected our data on 05th April 2021 when our full workforce consisted of 241 (83%) women and 50 (17%)men. Total = 291 employees.

The figures show that Stonehaven Care Group has a mean gender pay gap of -2.8% and a median of 0.0%.

Women’s Earnings areNational Average
Mean gender pay gap in hourly pay2.8% lower than Men’s7.62%
Median gender pay gap in hourly pay0.0% equal to Men’s
Gender Pay Gap 2021 Lower
Gender Pay Gap 2021 - Lower Middle
Gender Pay Gap 2021 - Upper Middle
Gender Pay Gap 2021 - Upper

In common with most care professions our organisation is predominantly supported through female care givers. This is reflected fairly consistently throughout the organisation.

The Bar Graph below demonstrates the number of women (orange) and men (blue) in each pay quartile.

Having a predominantly female workforce means that even small fluctuations in the male workforce can have a significant impact upon our Gender Pay Gap.

The Care Home Managers in our Company receive a Performance Related Bonus which is payable every Half Year. Currently all of our Care Home Managers are Female – representing 5.2% of the current workforce. As all current Care Home Managers are female there is no Gender Pay Gap. Should we ever have a Male Manager then he would be on the exact same Bonus Structure as his female colleagues.

Summary :-

We are confident that as a company we recruit and promote individuals based upon their ability to do the job and set our renumeration policy based upon the value of the role – not upon the gender of the person carrying out that role. We believe the figures contained in our Gender Pay Gap Analysis support this position. The marginal Gender Pay Gap that we are showing, 2.8%, represents a slight current predominance of Males in Senior Carer Roles in the Company – but the difference is so small that one or two changes would lead to a swing the other way on this factor. We believe our Gender Pay Gap of 2.8% represents a, ‘to be expected’ – ‘not perfectly balanced’ – natural position.

It is clear that we employ significantly more Women than Men throughout our organisation. We recognise that it is important that we ensure that Men have the same access to Care Worker Roles as Women throughout the organisation. We know we offer the same job to Men and Women, but will be ever more mindful of the importance of attracting Male Carers to the industry.

Declaration :-

We confirm that the Stonehaven Care Group gender gap calculations are calculated in accordance with the guidance and requirements prescribed by the Equality Act 2010, Gender Pay Gap Information.