How did the Stonehaven logo come to be?

When I was asked to come up with a theme for a new company logo, I thought of our original ethos as that of a safe & strong home and place to dwell… and then the song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” sprang into my mind. (Stephen Stone – Chairman)

The basis of the design

The ‘S’ and the ‘H’

Beginning to imagine how our company name ‘Stonehaven (Healthcare) Ltd’ could be represented in a logo with that ‘bridge’ theme, I saw the ‘S’ as a winding, troubled torrent and the ‘H’ as the safe, strong bridge. I drew some, rather amateur (although I had often got A’s for art as school!), logo ideas.

Enter the professionals

This was now the time to hand-over to experts, and our P.R. & Marketing guru (Emily Winslow) took the ideas to the brilliant Viv Townsend (of Jumbo Design). After a short while, Viv envisaged how the already imagined theme could be represented as a logo via the ubiquitous ‘Ribbon’ design approach. Viv carefully faded-out the resulting ends and bends and we now have, what I consider to be, a perfect logo interpretation.

Bridge Over Troubled Water
Stonehaven Care Group | Residential Care in Devon and Cornwall
Stephen Stone