Multiple Sclerosis is a condition of the central nervous system. In MS the coating around nerve fibres (myelin) is damaged causing a range of symptoms. Disease onset usually occurs between the ages of 20 and 40 and is more common in women.

Our Care Team are trained to assist residents to manage symptoms, some of whom may require 24-hour care in a care home.

Depending on the care needs of each individual resident we can offer a passive or more intense physiotherapy programme to improve strength and mobility together with speech and language therapy and special diets for those with swallowing difficulties.

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms: Physical symptoms of MS might commonly include vision problems, balance problems and dizziness, fatigue, bladder problems and stiffness and/or spasms. Other symptoms might include problems with: Bowel, Speech, Swallowing, Tremor. MS can affect memory and thinking, and also have an impact on emotions. Like all MS symptoms, you might experience this in varying degrees, or not at all. Between attacks, symptoms may go away completely, but permanent neurological problems often occur especially as the disease advances. Almost any neurological symptom can appear with the disease, often progressing to physical and cognitive disability.

Stonehaven’s specialist Drake Unit team work closely with the residents’ GP and assessment teams, so you or your loved one are receiving the best possible care fully coordinated with multi-disciplinary support teams.