An Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) is brain damage caused by events after birth rather than part of a genetic or congenial disorder. ABI can result in cognitive, physical, emotional, or behavioural impairments that lead to permanent or temporary changes in functioning. These impairments result from either traumatic brain injury (e.g. physical trauma due to accidents, assaults, neurosurgery, head injury etc.) or nontraumatic injury derived from either an internal or external source (e.g. stroke, brain tumours, infection, poisoning, hypoxia, ischemia, encephalopathy or substance abuse).

Acquired Brain Injury Care

Acquired Brain Injury Care at Chollacott HouseThe severity of the Brain Injury determines the treatment and management of the patient immediately after the injury occurs following which a longer term assessment is made for reablement and rehabilitation.

The Drake Unit is a specialist unit, an extension to Stonehaven’s Chollacott House in Tavistock, Devon. The team there, work closely with the residents’ GP, assessment teams and close relatives in defining the most appropriate care package for the service user.

The Drake Unit is able to offer care to residents with varying severity of Brain Injury with fully equipped modern accommodation.