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Useful resources

Which LogoWhich? Elderly Care gives free, independent and practical advice about caring for older people across the UK. Find out more:


Paying For Care - Money Advice Service LogoLearn about NHS and self-funding options, managing direct payments, and other ways to pay for your care. Find out more:



Care Aware.fwA one stop shop for free advice on care fee funding for older people. Find out more:



carehome-co-uk-logoThe leading UK Care Home website with over 37,000 care home reviews. Find out more:


saga-logoHelping you make the right choice about care. Find out more:




ASThe dementia brain tour is a free educational video resource that includes chapters on the brain and how brain cells function, Alzheimer’s disease, Posterior Cortical Atrophy, vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies, fronto-temporal dementia and other rarer causes of dementia. Find out more:



Alzheimers Society.fwThis guide is for people affected by dementia to help with choosing a suitable care home. It suggests some issues to think about and questions that may be useful to ask staff when visiting potential care homes. Click here to download the PDF

Alzheimers Society.fwInformation about benefits and grants available for older adults such as transport, TV Licence and Winter Fuel.


Age UKFor information about Dental Care for the elderly.
Age UK


Exeter Dementia Action AllianceDementia Action Alliance brings together leading organisations across England committed to transforming health and social care outcomes for people affected by dementia.
Exeter Dementia Action Alliance


Age UKAge UK have produced the LifeBook, to enable you to record and find important information about your life, without having to sort through file after file.
Age Concern Life Book


Funeral ZoneThe UK’s online funeral resource.
Funeral Zone


NHS ChoicesThe NHS provide the following advice on preventing falls.
NHS Falls Prevention