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The Drake Unit provides specialist Nursing Care and carer respite breaks for adults with Complex Needs and Disabilities including: Huntington’s Disease, Acquired Brain Injury, Parkinson’s, etc.

About Stonehaven bookings

The standard day rate including overnight stay is £228.57 which includes personal care provision. Additional charges may apply depending on the individual needs of the guest. Please use the 'Further care details and important information' box within the form to give further details about the guest, but please do not worry about being too thorough with this information as upon reciept of your booking we will contact you to arrange an assessment of the guest's detailed needs.

We require a 10% deposit based on the standard fee in order to secure your booking. We will refund your deposit if for any reason after assessment we feel that we are unable to care for the guest, however this will rarely be the case.

Your notice of cancellation must be in received in writing at least 4 weeks before the booked stay of the guest, otherwise the full fee for the booked period will be charged.

Required booking period

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(note that a 10% deposit will be required to secure your booking)

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